• Progress

    Converse needs to promote progress – to attract more jobs, more businesses, more quality services near you. Buying local allows us to keep our property taxes low.

    I believe in progress.

    Removing obstacles for businesses allows local businesses to flourish and provides you with quality services near where you live. Increasing the number and quality of jobs means increased opportunity for the next generation. Providing opportunity for young people breeds small business ownership and leads to increased commercial investment. These conditions produce increased sales tax, which keeps our property taxes low, all while improving services to you.

  • Public Safety

    Converse needs to be a safe place live, work and raise a family. We need to work together, increase our investment in public safety and effectively eliminate criminal activity.

    I want what you want – safety for our kids and for our business community. Public safety is absolutely the highest priority in my mind. Improving conditions for our police, fire and emergency services personnel is important to me. I believe in investing in and guaranteeing the latest technology and training for our first responders. Crime has no business in Converse, but I believe community involvement is necessary to effectively combat criminal activity.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    Converse needs a balanced approach to providing quality services. We need to leverage existing funds and our favorable bond rating to improve Converse.

    I believe in using your tax dollars wisely. I have a strong background in municipal finance. As the EDC Director, I worked hard to build a reserve of public funds for economic development incentives and I consistently delivered results under budget.

    I believe in a balanced and responsible approach to budget and finance. I believe in using every tool possible to invest in our community to improve the quality of life in Converse.

  • Transparency

    Effective communications involves providing and receiving accurate and timely information. Electronic and social media are the means by which everyone gathers information today.

    I believe in transparency.

    I believe it is vitally important that residents have user-friendly access to information. Social media allows residents to have an increased awareness of issues that affect the community and its future. Engaging with residents improves everyone’s understanding and allows for immediate feedback. Transparent and user-friendly access to information is a priority for me.