Learning about green living

Kate Silvas, Converse Economic Development Corp. executive director, thanked Green Day sponsors for backing the event, which has grown from seven vendors in its first year to 110 this year, which was double the offerings a year ago.

“It’s a festival,” Silvas said. “We’ve had sustainability workshops throughout the day, to draw people and educate people on sustainable practices for their gardening and their home ownership. I think it’s perfect for the community.

“There’s such an art to gardening and to beautifying an area,” she said, “so to have these (master gardeners) out here gives the residents the ability to say, ‘You know, I’ve been meaning to do that, I’ve been wanting to try that, I’d like to try this.’ It helps them to be able to get that resource and the information needed to be able to make their environment cost-effective as well as beautiful.”